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Ricoh 'eCabinet' - Automatic File Management

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CD/DVD Publishing & Data Storage Solutions

 Satellite Communications

Mobile, Global Communications

  Want your docs on the web?
eCabinet - one device can manage all your vital business documents.
 Save a fortune, find everything.
Doculex 'PDF.Capture' - convert tons of paper to searchable e-files.
 Fast. Efficient. Easy-to-use.
Solutions - Link your information content to business processes.
 The advantage will be enormous.

 Great prices.  Top performance.
-Document & Microfilm Scanners.
-Network Storage Appliances.
-DVD saves Rich Media Assets.
-High-capacity Optical. Fast RAID.
-DVD/CD Publishing & Duplicating.
   What's HOT: 
Storage Appliances that require...
  NO network software and
  NO software license fees.

 Stay connected while on-the-go.
Satellite telephones and terminals work from anywhere on the planet.
Globalstar   satellite + cellular.
Iridium     handheld satphones.
Inmarsat   mobile office - briefcase
  satphones do 64-kbps data.  Satellite Video
from TV News Feeds to Telemedicine.

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Killer Apps for Ricoh's eCabinet - Accounts Payable and Human Resources Depts show fastest Return on Investment by eliminating paper chase.

Doculex  named to Deloitte & Touche 'Fast 50" - honors fastest growing tech companies in Florida.


Mobile Computing
Possibly the world's most
desirable notebook PC.

The TWINHEAD Slim N2300.
Laptop Magazine Best Buy (12/01)

NewsLink - The 'SCOTTY'  Video Codec directly connects two Inmarsat M4 terminals -  achieves 128 Kbps for real time video.

Mt Everest Expedition - uses 'ffastest' card (by Compsec) - cuts Inmarsat transmission costs from $300 to $20 per day.

'GAN' service - Inmarsat Global Area Net enables 'always on' connection, pay only for the data transmitted (at 64 Kbps).

Globalstar - New 'BagPhone' Kit allows user to grab and go from car to boat to home.
  Plus - fixed (building) antenna ensures dial tone in event of power or telephone failure.  Some companies add to their strategy.




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